The HH in HH Gourmet

Before HH went to New York she would hear about how good bagels were, but each time she would try one in China she would be disappointed and did not think New York bagels were worth all the hype.

In 2010 HH went to New York to study English. When in America she started to learn how to bake from her future mother-in-law. She also learned what an authentic New York bagel tastes like and fell in love with them.

After returning to China she held a party in which she prepared all of the food. She even made bagels but they did not meet her expectations so she decided not to serve them and left them in the kitchen. However, her guests ended up in the kitchen and discovered the bagels that she made. The guests tried the bagels and thought they were tasty. Then the conversation focused on how China does not have any authentic New York bagel shops.

HH’s future husband Matt, an American from New York, also missed the taste of a real New York bagel. Matt was also always disappointed with what was served as a “bagel” in China. The pair then decided that China needed real New York bagels and they were the ones up for the task. They knew she had a lot more to learn so she returned to America and studied the art of bagel making from the successful bagel artisan, Brian Long of Gib’s New York Bagels.

After her bagel training her next obstacle to overcome was to source the proper ingredients to make an authentic bagel that is fresh, safe, and consistent. Her equipment at the time was a small mixer and oversized toaster for her oven.

After many months of perfecting her recipe they finally created a bagel she could call a true New York bagel. They are now proud to supply greater China with authentic New York bagels made fresh daily! HH’s artisan New York Deli concept is located in Shenzhen, Shekou.