FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
FOR SHEKOU ONLY! - Organic Eggs
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  • Organic Eggs for **SHEKOU ONLY**

    This is only for pickup at our Shekou location.  If you are outside of Shekou or cannot pick them up please visit  We offer nationwide delivery.

    35RMB for 10 eggs.

    You can place your order at any time.  The eggs are delivered once a week.  The last order that is accepted is at 7pm Tuesday every week.  If we receive an order after that time the eggs will be included in the following week's order.  The eggs usually arrive on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.  I will announce when the eggs have arrived in our wechat group.  If you are not part of our wechat group please search for "18603056100" in wechat and we will arrange for you to be added to the wechat group.  

    We do offer local delivery within Shekou.  If you order 50RMB of product (excluding the eggs) the delivery is free.  There is a 10RMB charge for all other deliveries.  You can also pick up your order at our Shekou location during our business hours. 

    The eggs are shipped directly from the farm by courier and too many times the courier service does not treat the parcels with great care so eggs may crack and even the yokes my break during the shipping process.  A broken yoke does not necessarily mean the egg is bad or old.  I have been working with the farm closely so we get the freshest eggs possible.  If there is an issue with your purchase we will replace the egg(s) the following week at no charge.  Also please take a photo of the egg so I can share it with the farm.

    The farm is registered with the Chinese government as an organic farm.  If requested I will be happy to share the approval documents with you.

  • There is no charge if you pick up your eggs at our location or purchase 50RMB or more of product (excluding eggs) for delivery.  We do offer shipping within Shekou and the delivery charge is 10RMB.  If you would like your eggs to be delivered then please call 2683-9259 during our business hours.  (M-F: 7 to7, S & S: 8 to 7).

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