**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs | HH BAKING CO.  欢欢烘培公司
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
**SHEKOU ONLY** Organic Eggs
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  • Organic Eggs **SHEKOU ONLY**

    Farm to table

    If you are outside of shekou please visit https://m.guzzu.cn/hh-gourmet/organic-eggs We offer nationwide delivery.Organic Eggs

    These organic, free-range eggs go great with our bagels and pairs well with most other items!

    The eggs come from a China government-certified organic farm.  We have been using and selling them for over 3 years.


  • There is no charge if you pick up your eggs at our location or purchase 50RMB or more of product (excluding eggs) for delivery.  We do offer shipping within Shekou and the delivery charge is 10RMB.  If you would like your eggs to be delivered then please call 2683-9259 during our business hours.  (M-F: 7 to7, S & S: 8 to 7).

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